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Xeliana Loewenhaupt
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« am: 11. Oktober 2008, 00:53:02 »

Im Irc-Channel von mmo-champion wurde grad das Classpanel von der Blizzcon wiedergegeben, hier mal mein Chatlog:

12046 (22:29:42) (+Vredesbyrd) CLASS PANEL INCOMING
12320 (22:35:15) (+Vredesbyrd) Class Design pannel with Tom CHilton and Gret Street
12321 (22:35:21) (+Vredesbyrd) Lead game designer and lead system
12322 (22:35:27) (+Vredesbyrd) *Greg
12332 (22:36:13) (+Vredesbyrd) Live stream just focusing on a dead stage..
12341 (22:37:22) (+Vredesbyrd) lol
12349 (22:37:57) (+Vredesbyrd) The intro to the wow class panel is currently starting
12354 (22:38:11) (+Vredesbyrd) .. It's the TBC intro..
12372 (22:39:19) (+Vredesbyrd) lol
12385 (22:39:35) (+Vredesbyrd) Yeah, my bad.
12392 (22:39:42) (+Vredesbyrd) Starting now
12415 (22:40:05) (+Vredesbyrd) Yep, starting now. Introduction
12424 (22:40:31) (+Vredesbyrd) Tom and Greg walking out..
12427 (22:40:36) (+Vredesbyrd) Tom still makes me wanna hit him.
12428 (22:40:50) (+Vredesbyrd) and Greg, better known as Ghostcaller
12430 (22:41:04) (+Vredesbyrd) Talking about Ghostcaller, about people think his a hot chick.. lol
12433 (22:41:09) (+Vredesbyrd) Yep.
12435 (22:41:22) (+Vredesbyrd) Greg ''i wanna hear from everybody who thinks his class is over powered''
12437 (22:41:28) (+Vredesbyrd) *half people cheer*
12439 (22:41:34) (+Vredesbyrd) Who thinks there are over powered class in wow?
12442 (22:41:40) (+Vredesbyrd) *half people cheer*
12445 (22:41:47) (+Vredesbyrd) Who thinks they play an underpowered class?
12446 (22:41:50) (+Vredesbyrd) *Everybody cheers*
12451 (22:42:06) (+Vredesbyrd) Talking about DK Tanking.
12455 (22:42:19) (+Vredesbyrd) They dont feel like their is enough tanks.. blah blah blah, things we know.
12460 (22:42:45) (+Vredesbyrd) Talking about Presences, aka stances, for the death knight...
12467 (22:43:30) (+Vredesbyrd) Talking about DK gear, how they want to share it with pally and warrior gear.
12468 (22:43:42) (+Vredesbyrd) Talking about the rune system now...
12470 (22:43:50) (+Vredesbyrd) Come on, new info, hurry the fuck up.
12474 (22:44:10) (+Vredesbyrd) LOL
12475 (22:44:12) (+Vredesbyrd) Yep
12479 (22:44:49) (+Vredesbyrd) One of the things they are covering about how they first talked about how they wanted to have the customized rune system
12481 (22:44:57) (+Vredesbyrd) like 6 frost runes, or 5 unholy and 1 blood
12482 (22:45:01) (+Vredesbyrd) and why they scrapped that system
12486 (22:45:17) (+Vredesbyrd) It made them to over powered, and pigeonhold a DK
12490 (22:45:41) (+Vredesbyrd) another concept they had, was the original runic power system, that was to much like a metronome
12491 (22:45:49) (+Vredesbyrd) Thats why they now have runic energy instead.
12495 (22:46:11) (+Vredesbyrd) They originally had 25 different diseases planned for a DK...
12499 (22:46:34) (+Vredesbyrd) ''they wanted the class to have a small learning curve due to them starting at such a high level''
12503 (22:46:51) (+Vredesbyrd) ''They want 5 man tanking for a DK to happen in any spec they have, not just frost''
12507 (22:47:18) (+Vredesbyrd) Hunters!
12508 (22:47:22) (+Vredesbyrd) and Priests..
12511 (22:47:33) (+Vredesbyrd) covering shit we already know and where they aer going.
12516 (22:47:55) (+Vredesbyrd) Covering new talent treas for the pets..
12519 (22:48:02) (+Vredesbyrd) Overhauling the loyalty system
12529 (22:48:46) (+Vredesbyrd) ''whilst casual players are attracted to hunters, in end game they have complicated dps rotations, something they wanted to clean up, with more player choice and less timing''
12534 (22:49:20) (+Vredesbyrd) Freezing shot, a new way for hunters to CC
12535 (22:49:41) (+Vredesbyrd) its designed to make pulls quicker instead of placing traps
12541 (22:50:02) (+Vredesbyrd) its easier to shoot it then place it, its speed, not designed for in-combat action
12542 (22:50:05) (+Vredesbyrd) now his talking about shadow priests
12544 (22:50:17) (+Vredesbyrd) ''we wanted to remove utility from shadow priests and instead give them dps''
12545 (22:50:20) (+Vredesbyrd) *crowd boos*
12549 (22:50:38) (+Vredesbyrd) they want to design disc to be a viable raid healer
12552 (22:50:53) (+Vredesbyrd) they want disc to be a raider that will focus on shielding and preventing damage.. etc...
12556 (22:51:10) (+Vredesbyrd) they wanted to give priests more aoe, with mind sear...
12564 (22:51:27) (+Vredesbyrd) they always had the concept of priests racials, it started cool
12566 (22:51:32) (+Vredesbyrd) but in wrath they wanted to delete it
12567 (22:51:37) (+Vredesbyrd) thats why they are now shared
12568 (22:51:41) (+Vredesbyrd) MAGES AND DRUIDS NOW
12573 (22:52:00) (+Vredesbyrd) new signiture ability, frostfire bolt.
12575 (22:52:06) (+Vredesbyrd) for the elementalist build
12578 (22:52:14) (+Vredesbyrd) not designed for a straight fire or frost tree.
12582 (22:52:35) (+Vredesbyrd) Mirror image, something cool with a dps upgrade to the mage.
12584 (22:52:51) (+Vredesbyrd) they want 3 dps specs for the mage, maybe a 4th with elemalist being more viable
12586 (22:52:52) (+Vredesbyrd) Druids
12587 (22:52:54) (+Vredesbyrd) *boos*
12592 (22:53:10) (+Vredesbyrd) ''druids are very under-represented in the area''
12593 (22:53:12) (+Vredesbyrd) *boos*
12596 (22:53:23) (+Vredesbyrd) balance: real cc, real dps, no more OOMkin.
12597 (22:53:26) (+Vredesbyrd) more utility
12601 (22:53:29) (+Vredesbyrd) more viability
12603 (22:53:40) (+Vredesbyrd) they want boomkins to be taken seriously, as a serious caster.
12606 (22:53:47) (+Vredesbyrd) resto... more boos
12608 (22:53:52) (+Vredesbyrd) ''resto druids are awesome''
12611 (22:54:17) (+Vredesbyrd) they have a niche for hot healing, and in pvp suitations, they owned, but in pve they lacked at times''
12616 (22:54:33) (+Vredesbyrd) wild groath is the new aoe heal its NOT ment to be a CoH
12619 (22:54:50) (+Vredesbyrd) ''we want druids to have a OOC res to'' *crowd cheers*
12620 (22:55:01) (+Vredesbyrd) feral
12623 (22:55:27) (+Vredesbyrd) We dont want the feral tree to be great at both cat and bear, they dont want a feral to pickup all cat and still be the best bear tank
12624 (22:55:36) (+Vredesbyrd) they want it to be selective
12625 (22:55:41) (+Vredesbyrd) your a CAT or BEAR
12626 (22:55:45) (+Vredesbyrd) shamans and rogues
12627 (22:55:57) (+Vredesbyrd) Shamans have a system for casting spells, called totems
12629 (22:56:01) (+Vredesbyrd) its a cool and unique gimmic for them
12631 (22:56:10) (+Vredesbyrd) its always been not quiet where we want it to be with funciatlity
12632 (22:56:17) (+Vredesbyrd) we want htem to surive better
12636 (22:56:31) (+Vredesbyrd) we want to fill in shaman holes with more things like lava burst, rip tide for reso
12637 (22:56:34) (+Vredesbyrd) and more cc!
12638 (22:56:36) (+Vredesbyrd) Hex
12639 (22:56:43) (+Vredesbyrd) for the rogues
12640 (22:56:45) (+Vredesbyrd) same deal
12643 (22:56:48) (+Vredesbyrd) they never had any good AOE
12646 (22:57:01) (+Vredesbyrd) fan of knifes was added to deal with that
12650 (22:57:11) (+Vredesbyrd) sap, was good, but they wanted to make it better
12659 (22:57:34) (+Vredesbyrd) they want rogues to USE daggers and poisens more
12660 (22:57:38) (+Vredesbyrd) making them viable
12661 (22:57:42) (+Vredesbyrd) WARRIORS AND WARLOCKS
12664 (22:57:55) (+Vredesbyrd) WARRIORS have been ''THE' maintank forever
12665 (22:58:02) (+Vredesbyrd) they want to give raids mroe options for more main tanks
12676 (22:58:36) (+Vredesbyrd) they overhauled the tree to give prot warriors more dps options in other trees
12678 (22:58:44) (+Vredesbyrd) they want to do the same to other trees
12681 (22:58:50) (+Vredesbyrd) arms: pvp spec, fury, pve guy
12682 (22:58:53) (+Vredesbyrd) they want to cross that
12683 (22:58:55) (+Vredesbyrd) switch it up
12689 (22:59:30) (+Vredesbyrd) fury warriors: titans grip... *boos*
12693 (22:59:42) (+Vredesbyrd) they want to buff it some more to actually be a dps increase
12695 (22:59:48) (+Vredesbyrd) WARLOCKS
12696 (22:59:50) (+Vredesbyrd) *boos*
12697 (22:59:58) • +Vredesbyrd hates the crowd
12700 (23:00:05) (+Vredesbyrd) They wanted to make warlock pets more viable
12703 (23:00:11) (+Vredesbyrd) they want warlocks to use all 4 pets.
12705 (23:00:13) (+Vredesbyrd) in pve and pvp
12707 (23:00:23) (+Vredesbyrd) affliction has a problem where rotations are to interesting
12708 (23:00:27) (+Vredesbyrd) destro is not interesting enough
12709 (23:00:30) (+Vredesbyrd) they wanted to change that
12710 (23:00:41) (+Vredesbyrd) destro is good, affliction is TO complicated
12712 (23:00:48) (+Vredesbyrd) demonology is getting their pets back and more buffs
12717 (23:01:05) (+Vredesbyrd) demonic circle, because they wanted to give us blink..
12719 (23:01:13) (+Vredesbyrd) and meta because ''we all wanna be illidan''
12722 (23:01:17) (+Vredesbyrd) piss off ;/, i hate illidan.
12723 (23:01:20) (+Vredesbyrd) Paladins!
12725 (23:01:26) (+Vredesbyrd) get their own slide cause they are special
12729 (23:01:37) (+Vredesbyrd) seal and judgment overhaul, they are happy with how they are now
12731 (23:01:48) (+Vredesbyrd) protection was a great offtank, never a good main tank
12734 (23:01:51) (+Vredesbyrd) they want prot to be more of a maintank
12736 (23:02:00) (+Vredesbyrd) they want prot paladins to USE tank gear and not mage gear
12738 (23:02:16) (+Vredesbyrd) holy: great at healing, until we started making mobility a must
12740 (23:02:29) (+Vredesbyrd) they DONT want paladins to be a hot class or aoe heal class
12742 (23:02:40) (+Vredesbyrd) but they have to give holy paladins the viability to do these things
12743 (23:02:41) (+Vredesbyrd) RET!
12744 (23:02:43) (+Vredesbyrd) *BOOS*
12745 (23:02:48) (+Vredesbyrd) 'they are fine'
12746 (23:02:50) (+Vredesbyrd) *cheers*
12751 (23:03:04) (+Vredesbyrd) ret needed to do more dps without going oom
12754 (23:03:23) (+Vredesbyrd) group flexibility now
12760 (23:03:46) (+Vredesbyrd) our largest raid size is 25 now, but 30 specs, and a new class, with 3 specs, with other classes getting more viable raiding specs
12763 (23:04:05) (+Vredesbyrd) the reason they changed the buff system is because they were running out of room to put everything
12766 (23:04:13) (+Vredesbyrd) Komodo, im sitting at the floor
12770 (23:04:20) (+Vredesbyrd) buffs felt out of control
12774 (23:04:31) (+Vredesbyrd) complex, inconsisent, slacking problems
12777 (23:04:41) (+Vredesbyrd) ^
12783 (23:05:02) (+Vredesbyrd) STOP WHISPERING ME TO
12785 (23:05:05) (+Vredesbyrd) got like 60 of them
12787 (23:05:22) (+Vredesbyrd) ''they dont want to have it where 1 buffs so powerful if the 1 guy who brings it doesnt show up they cancel the raid''
12790 (23:05:37) (+Vredesbyrd) they want multipul classes to bring multipul buffs now, to fix this
12793 (23:05:43) (+Vredesbyrd) they WANT you to bring the player, not the class
12794 (23:05:49) (+Vredesbyrd) the skilled guy over the guy with the buff
12799 (23:06:17) (+Vredesbyrd) as part of this they realised that they will have extra spots, with less buffs needed now
12800 (23:06:27) (+Vredesbyrd) so this is why they are making everybody more viable with dps
12802 (23:06:40) (+Vredesbyrd) but they want playerskill to have the most part to do with it and not just class design
12803 (23:06:47) (+Vredesbyrd) everybody has the ability to be number 1
12804 (23:06:57) (+Vredesbyrd) consumables, potion cooldown, gg drums.
12809 (23:07:06) (+Vredesbyrd) they wanted to limit the amoutn needed, aka potion sickness
12818 (23:07:36) (+Vredesbyrd) they wanted to limit consumable use (catering to casuals, cough)
12819 (23:07:44) (+Vredesbyrd) group flexibility
12821 (23:07:49) (+Vredesbyrd) Spell Power...
12823 (23:07:54) (+Vredesbyrd) they will cover it later in other pannels
12828 (23:08:26) (+Vredesbyrd) they wanted to limit the amoutn people were respeccing, thus the new spell power.
12831 (23:08:36) (+Vredesbyrd) Tanking niches, they want all tanks to do everything.
12833 (23:08:44) (+Vredesbyrd) Tank threat is much higher now
12836 (23:08:49) (+Vredesbyrd) they dont want threat to be a big part
12838 (23:08:59) (+Vredesbyrd) they want encounters to be more about who can do the encounter
12839 (23:09:00) (+Vredesbyrd) NOT the threat game
12841 (23:09:09) (+Vredesbyrd) threat is still there, but its not the big thing now.
12843 (23:09:16) (+Vredesbyrd) DUAL SPECS ARE COMING
12845 (23:09:19) (+Vredesbyrd) MORE FLEXIBILITY
12848 (23:09:40) (+Vredesbyrd) They want you to be able to be in a raid, and be able to swap IN the raid, from fight to fight
12849 (23:09:45) (+Vredesbyrd) they dont want you to be running places to do this
12852 (23:09:54) (+Vredesbyrd) you WONT be able to do it in combat
12858 (23:09:58) (+Vredesbyrd) limited in arena
12861 (23:10:12) (+Vredesbyrd) but it will be spec-switching outta combat, from boss to boss.
12863 (23:10:16) (+Vredesbyrd) QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSE
12868 (23:10:34) • +Vredesbyrd has sore fingers
12873 (23:11:03) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: With the dual spec system, are you coming up with a dual gear system, like item wrack?
12876 (23:11:14) (+Vredesbyrd) A: Yes, we are looking into it, in the future, they want to make improvmenets in the UI to help with that
12878 (23:11:28) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: Warlocks, in tier 4/tier5 zones affliction was good, destro got OP in tier 6
12879 (23:11:35) (+Vredesbyrd) will aff be viable in end game now?
12883 (23:11:53) (+Vredesbyrd) A: Yes! we learnt alot about scaling and spell coffeients, we want to see aff back in the raids now
12885 (23:12:20) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: Is there nay plans to do any more work with infernals and doomgaurds? they are gimmicy, only good for laughs
12886 (23:12:22) (+Vredesbyrd) good question
12889 (23:12:43) (+Vredesbyrd) A: The big thing for us was controlling thoes pets, we wanted to garentee warlocks thoes pets, and be able to use them in doors as aoers etc
12893 (23:12:54) (+Vredesbyrd) once gameplay is more iron out, they want to make them more powerful AND used in raids
12894 (23:12:56) • +Vredesbyrd cheers
12897 (23:13:22) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: Demonology is geared more towards individual pets, it focus to much on single pets instead of all the pets in general
12903 (23:13:47) (+Vredesbyrd) A: We want to look at making it more about making warlocks focus on one raid pet
12906 (23:14:06) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: Can you reply to the druid thread on the druid forums later?
12908 (23:14:12) (+Vredesbyrd) *Crowd boos*
12909 (23:14:27) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: waht do you plan to do about mana on feral gear?
12913 (23:14:44) (+Vredesbyrd) A: We dont wanna put int on feral gear, its on our list to look at tho, but we want to limit shifting due to the about its done in arena
12917 (23:15:05) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: You were saying you wanted to bring poisens back, how are you going to balance that with end game bosses being immune to poisens?
12922 (23:15:32) (+Vredesbyrd) A: We will make less immune bosses, with WF no longer affecting others, yes, more poisens
12931 (23:16:02) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: Mages are food tables and teleporters, how are you gonna make mages a viable class to play?
12934 (23:16:07) (+Vredesbyrd) *crowd boos*
12936 (23:16:22) (+Vredesbyrd) A: Not sure many mages want to be bought JUST to make food, thats why cooks can now do food tables to
12939 (23:16:47) (+Vredesbyrd) A: We do think fire and forst are good, they are still being ironed out, 4500 being regular now in naxx, they are up there now
12941 (23:17:05) (+Vredesbyrd) A: one thing we found out was going OOM affected their dps, so we recenetly lowered evo cooldown and mana cost on spells
12950 (23:18:03) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: 51 point fire, how about that? slightly disabpointed with it, 51 point arcane, same thing, why not have it be interesting, or base line? it doesnt add anything
12956 (23:18:30) (+Vredesbyrd) A: We want to increase living bomb damage, the mechanics of the spell might make it be fun, but any ability in the game, if you make it do to much damage, it will always be fun
12963 (23:18:52) (+Vredesbyrd) a: with arcane 51, we want to arcane mages to mix it up more, with less one button spam, and more options
12964 (23:18:59) (+Vredesbyrd) a: we wanted the aracne guy to be more mobil
12968 (23:19:20) (+Vredesbyrd) they want mages to do short cooldown instanst cast damage, more movement, more mana, more bust, with arcane
12972 (23:19:43) (+Vredesbyrd) Something worth mentioning with 51 point talents is alot of classes have alot of buttons now to push anyway in their current rotations
12974 (23:19:58) (+Vredesbyrd) feral druid question
12980 (23:20:18) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: I like pvp, im left out as feral, are feral druids gonna get anything different to make them viable say, over a rogue, in pvp?
12987 (23:20:46) (+Vredesbyrd) A: feral has been a bad spec for pvp in alot of ways, alot of the problems we had with ferals is because they odnt have a healing debuff like other healing classes
12992 (23:20:56) (+Vredesbyrd) a: so we want to increase the raw damage output to help
12994 (23:21:02) (+Vredesbyrd) a: it also goes back to the shifting problem
12999 (23:21:22) (+Vredesbyrd) a: we are looking to watch over that, and right now with things like berzerk help it alot, but right now we are watching it
13013 (23:22:12) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: MAGES, with hex coming out, it kinda makes polymorph the poor mans crowd control, mages are now the only clothies cant heal themselfs
13016 (23:22:18) (+Vredesbyrd) q: what do you plan to fix this?
13020 (23:22:41) (+Vredesbyrd) A: somethinf we talk about alot is keeping classes different, we want mages to ahve alot of escapes to make up for healing viability
13026 (23:23:10) (+Vredesbyrd) a: they want mages to be slippery glass casson, they dont want to give mage TO much midigation, because they start feeling to tanky, instead of being a glass cannon
13039 (23:23:55) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: enhancement shaman question, with the wf 3second cooldown, is there any idea to go back and fix windfury, and remove the cooldown on it?
13043 (23:24:11) (+Vredesbyrd) a: yes, but we want to make sure that the OH weapon is GOING to be flametounge instead of duel windfury
13049 (23:24:25) (+Vredesbyrd) a: but if it starts scaling agin the cooldown goes back on, they want shamans to mix it up
13055 (23:24:59) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: Balance druid, arena viability, i dont wanna be a resto druid, are balance gonna be more viable and actually able to blow some one up without having to switch out to heal?
13063 (23:25:32) (+Vredesbyrd) A: Typoon is ment to be that, the knockback to get them off you, alot of big damage buffs to, alot of crits now and haste buffs really output alot more damage
13064 (23:25:38) (+Vredesbyrd) we think their damage is good, its now surviability
13071 (23:26:29) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: ret paladins burst damage, what do you guys have in mind for ret paladins? are you going to tone down burst damage for ret paladins?
13081 (23:26:58) (+Vredesbyrd) A: RET in beta had alot of bugs, to much dps, one shotting everybody
13082 (23:27:15) (+Vredesbyrd) A: we are now in the final days of beta, but we are still trying to figure out if burst is to high, we dont know
13085 (23:27:20) (+Vredesbyrd) A: it goes down to bugs
13088 (23:27:50) (+Vredesbyrd) A: What we want to do when we tone down damage, is trying to move it away from uncontrolable proc damage, and more balanced stable damage
13112 (23:28:58) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: (last one): Tanking, do you have any plans to add more stuff in for tanks to make classes mroe unique?
13113 (23:29:06) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: right now all tanks are just the same class the way it goes
13115 (23:29:25) (+Vredesbyrd) A: yes, good question, we cant deny tanks everything, not every tank is viable
13117 (23:29:41) (+Vredesbyrd) A: we have to do it, even it if takes away from uniqueness, but we do plan to space it out abit
13124 (23:30:03) (+Vredesbyrd) A: WE WANT tanks to do their jobs but not be all the same
13127 (23:30:11) (+Vredesbyrd) Q: Did yo usay you want people to switch specs mid raid?
13132 (23:30:16) (+Vredesbyrd) A: Yes, thats the goal
13138 (23:30:22) (+Vredesbyrd) DONE
13145 (23:30:29) (+Vredesbyrd) well
13149 (23:30:35) (+Vredesbyrd) Yep, done

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Cool, danke

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Zitat von: Class Panel
Dual-Spec system

    * The dual-spec system will be introduced in a content patch. The goal is to let you switch specs very easily in raid, even between fights ! However it won't be possible to switch specs in the middle of an arena match.
    * With dual-spec introduced in the game, there are also discussions about an Itemrack-like mod being introduced to the default UI

Group Flexibility

    * There are 30 specs but only 25 spots in a raid. The class choice should be very flexible and the buff/debuff system overhaul was done to help with that. Cancelling a buff because a class wasn't available (like Shamans for Bloodlust) was not desirable.
    * Most buffs now affect the whole raid and multiple classes can give them, however none of them will stack. You should get more types of buffs by bringing a fewer number of players and will be able to optimize them by bringing the right spec but it definitely won't be as necessary as it was in TBC. (Note : See Raidcomp !)


    * All the tanking classes are now suitable as a main tank and their threat has been greatly increased to make fights more fun, fights are now more about skills than dying because of a random aggro.

Death Knight (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * The original idea behind the rune system was a totally customizable rune pool (like, 6 Unholy runes) but "it sucked". They changed it to what is it today (2 Runes of each type)
    * Death Knights shouldn't be played like a metronome and is intended to be an interactive and reactive class.
    * As a death knight, your talent trees are a good way to define "your style, but not your role". Devs want to bring this philosophy to other classes.

Druid (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * Balance druids have been greatly improved and you shouldn't see a lot of OOMkins anymore. Their DPS is now on par with other DPS classes.
    * Balance DPS looks pretty good now but developpers are keeping an eye on the survavibility
    * Entangling roots was allowed indoor to give druids more crowd control ability in instances.
    * Restoration were stuck in the HoT niche and were very limited in 5-mans or raids. Nourish is new flash heal-like spell added to solve this problem on single targets and Wild Growth was added to give them an AOE Heal.
    * Druids were also given an OOC resurrection spell.
    * Feral druids were decent at tanking and DPSing, but couldn't master any of these fields. In WotLK you can take all the bear talents to become a very good main tank, or all the cat talents to have a very high DPS.
    * Feral mana is a known issue, and developpers don't want intellect on feral gear. This is being looked at

Hunter (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * The hunter pet system was overhauled because it was "clumsy for new players".
    * The shot rataion has been cleaned to make things easier for hunters and make them less reliant on mods or macros.
    * Freezing shot was introduced to make pulls faster without having to deploy your traps on the ground each time.

Mage (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * Frostfire Bolt is a way to achieve an elemental tree with mages, they should be able to deal both fire and frost damage
    * Mage DPS looks pretty good now, there are still a few mana issues getting fixed very soon
    * Living Bomb base damage will most likely be increased and the spell mechanics might be modified slightly. Overall, the 51-points talent weren't meant to be spammed and developpers want them to be situational
    * Frost and Fire looks pretty balanced now, but Arcane needs a few more tweaks. Arcane needs to be more "mobile"

Paladin (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * Paladins were decent off-tanks but not great main tanks, this is fixed in WotLK. Paladins should focus on protection gear instead of spell power.
    * Holy Paladins were good healers but couldn't do much in encounters where players are required to move a lot, however they definitely don't want them as a HoT class.
    * Retribution paladins are supposed to deal a decent amount of DPS without running out of mana.
    * Retributions paladins have to be in control of their damage and shouldn't have to rely on lucky critical strikes to deal most of their damage

Priest (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * The goal with Shadowpriest is to make them a DPS class, not just a mana battery.
    * Discipline priests should be viable raid healer.
    * Mind sear was introduced to give priests another viable DPS ability.
    * Class-specific racial abilities were cool, but the idea became got "old" with time. That's why racials have been revamped

Rogue (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * AoE DPS was really needed and Fan of Knives was added to the game.
    * Purchasable poisons and the buff of the dagger spec should help "reintroducing" them to the game.
    * The goal is to have end-boss less immune to poisons and rogues less dependant of Windfury

Shaman (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * Totems are now physical and harder to dispell, have more life and last longer.
    * Hex was added to give Shamans more crowd control ability, Riptide to improve their healing, and Lava Burst their spell DPS.

Warlock (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * Warlocks pets have been made more useful.
    * The warlock rotation shouldn't be restricted to a shadowbolt spam, that's why Chaos Bolt was added.
    * Affliction Tree is still too complicated and developpers are working on it. Developers definitely want it back as a raiding spec
    * Pets should be easier to summon/switch and use.

Warrior (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9061))

    * Protection spec has been revamped to make it cooler to play, mitigation talents now take a lot less points and will let you invest in a few other nice tools.
    * In TBC, Arms was PvP and Fury the PvE spec, this will change in WotLK : Battle Stance, Overpower, and Rend have been improved. New fun abilities have been introduced like Bladestorm and Sudden Death, Fury obviously have Titan's Grip.


“It's so much easier to see the world in black and white…. Gray? I don't know what to do with gray….”
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